Point To Point Leased Line – Structure, Point To Point vs Broadband, Benefits

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What is a point-to-point leased line?

A point-to-point leased line or private circuit allows you to connect two sites together over a secure, dedicated line. It increases the business that is able to operate for any length of time without access to IT services. Your business relies on having a reliable connection to all of your sites.

Point to point leased lines is not all that different from fiber broadband connections. They are installed via a fibre optic cable which links the two sites directly; effectively making the part of the same Ethernet network. This makes them ideal for linking data centres where large amounts of data need to be transferred quickly on a regular basis.

Point to point vs broadcast networks:

Broadcast links and point-to-point links are two types of transmission technologies that are in widespread use for business. Point-to-point links is a connection between individual pairs of machines. Message from the source to the destination is called a “packet which has to visit one or more intermediate machines before returning to the destination.

A point-to-point transmission with one sender and one receiver is called unicasting. Broadcast links, in contrast, a communication channel that is shared by all the machines in the network. The difference is the packets (message) is sent by any machine and received by all the other machines.

Structure of point to point leased line:

Benefits of using point to point leased line:

Faster data transfer

Point-to-Point leased line connection can give the required amount of bandwidth you want, this can range from 2Mpbs up to 10Gbps, depending on what you need.

Because you are not sharing your line with other users. You get a guaranteed speed both up and downstream reduce buffering and lag in video conferencing and VoIP technologies

Better security

Your point-to-point line will offer a secure and direct connection between multiple sites. With broadband, SDSL or bonded DSL, your data is going across a public network. With a point-to-point connection will keep your data private and secure.

Reliable data backup

In point to point lease line you can reliably transfer data between sites because faster connectivity speeds and guaranteed uptime, allowing you to run backups across two sites. If reliable data backup is one of your chief requirements, it is often worth considering a managed server.

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