Desktop Management

This will cover the Desktops, Laptops and Peripherals (Printers, scanners). Support will cover Hardware, Operating System and Office Automation (Win 2000/XP, Office 2000/2000/XP), Mail, Moves/Adds/Changes, Virus, Patch Management and any other custom requirements of clients.

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Server Management

Our team will manage servers remotely with the support of on-site resources. Services will cover Hardware Trouble Shooting, Administration, Patch Management, OS hardening, Server Performance Reports like Memory Utilization, Disk IO, CPU utilization, Network utilization, Manage Active directory User groups and profile and any other custom requirements of clients.

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Network Management

The services will cover all active and passive components for providing Network Performance Monitoring and Administration. Identification, Investigation and Troubleshooting, Escalation where necessary, Configuration Management, Quality of Service, Configuring new links, maintaining list of all used and unused IP addresses, Upgrade IOS, Document Changes, Tagging and Labeling for easy identification and troubleshooting and any other custom requirements of clients.

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Mail Management

User account management Creation, deletion and transfer of mailboxes. To Create new mail id for the New employees or new groups on receipt of authorized document, Monitoring the mail traffic queue and the disk space usage for mail, Creation / Installation of Mailing S/W Clients, Backup with experience in MS Exchange and Lotus Notes.

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Security Management

Managed Security Services will cover Firewall / IPS / IDS/ VPN, Unified Threat Management Services, End-point Security, Identity and Access Management, Periodic Reporting, Configuring Alerts and any other custom requirements of clients.

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Storage Management

Managing Disk based and Tape based back up, adherence to back up policy, software driven automated back up, periodic full back up, off-site storage and any other custom requirements of clients.

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Vendor Management

Maintaining database of the various vendors with details like contact person, telephone nos., escalation matrix, response time and resolution time commitments etc., Logging calls with vendors, Co-coordinating with the vendors to get the problems resolved, Co-coordinating with vendors for IT related commercials, Escalating problems, if required.

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IT Asset Management

Maintaining database of IT assets, Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers , Modems, Scanners, Switches, Routers, etc., record and maintain the details for all the IT assets like serial number, asset code, installation date, expiry date, department and hardware configuration details, Classification of the assets and asset tagging to be done for all the IT assets, Record of new machines, movements and changes in configuration, etc.

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Setting up and managing IT Policy

As a part of ISO policy, we have a standardized IT policy document template for customers that can be customized based on requirements in conjunction with customer rep. Periodic review as dictated by the contract is done at customer premises along with our Manager.

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